Hungary: The Horn-Government and the Transcendental Meditation

In this extraordinary entry I would like to report about the negotiations between the Hungarian government and the TM leadership held in 1995, during which many levels and fields of state administration were involved at the same time with the aim to introduce Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi technique at a national level. This post is a follow-up of the article series about the medical doctors as well, but now it reports about results achieved at governmental level and in respect of the whole country.

This story has begun when three people who where inexperienced in the well dressed world of state administration and politics started to knock the doors on the fictitious high walls of society. One of them is me, the author of this blog. We wanted to achieve that the doctors could write Transcendental Meditation on prescription like they do in case of other drugs. If the doctors always recommend us taking some medicine and having a rest, why couldn’t TM be written on prescriptions, as a well known and very effective resting method, which provides a relaxation two times deeper than deep sleep?

Another aim of ours was to establish a group of 500 TM-Sidhas within any of the following official bodies: law enforcement, military or fire fighters. This would have had the benefit to reduce and smooth the stresses in the collective consciousness by creating orderliness with the help of Maharishi-effect, which is a well-known and proven theory in sociology.

Dr. András Veér Ministerial commissioner
Dr. András Veér
Ministerial commissioner

We had no political connections, but we had all the more enthusiasm. We focused our attention on the secretary office of the prime minister. After a few discussions they named the responsible authority, Dr. András Veér ministerial commissioner. He was in charge as “ministerial commissioner of mental hygiene” in the Ministry of Social Welfare from 1994 till 1998, and he was also the director-general and chief medical officer of the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology.

As a following step of the negotiations the secretary of prime minister gave us the task to get a letter of recommendation form Dr. András Veér. This seemed to be a real challenge, since Dr. András Veér was highly skeptical about spiritual things. The more than 600 scientific researches done by more than 200 universities and independent institutes in the last 40 years was a very solid ground for negotiation, and it even opened the doors of Dr. András Veér’s office. He wanted to see the results and reports of these 600 researches, so we took all the five volumes of Collected Papers with us.

He was examining these five volumes of Collected Papers of researches for several months, during which he asked dozens of questions, until he finally decided to fill out a letter of recommendation on 6th of June 1995. In this letter he recommends the general introduction of Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi technique in Hungary.

Translation of the Letter of Recommendation:



Ministerial commissioner of mental hygiene





On the basis of the available scientific researches I recommend the Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation /TM/ and TM-Sidhi Program for general introduction and adaptation.


Budapest, 1995. June 06.

Dr. Veér Andás

ministerial commissioner


With this letter above all the doors of the state administration had opened and after this the real negotiations could begin. Negotiations took place at the Headquarter of Social Insurance, at the Headquarter of Reserved Police Forces and at the Headquarter of the National Civil Protection and Fire Service  (the latter two are functions under the aegis of Ministry of Home Affairs).

People at the Reserved Police Forces were interested in how much the TM meditation helps to improve the tolerance and the reaction time in real-life stress situation. The shooting range officer wanted to see practical results, so two TM practitioners were dressed up in protection suit, and their ability to endure stress was tested during a professional paintball-like shooting training event, where they played the role of the target. The shooting range officer was satisfied with the results.

Prof. Dr. István Bukovics Major-General
Prof. Dr. István Bukovics

At the Headquarter of the National Civil Protection and Fire Service we were negotiating with Major-General Prof. Dr. István Bukovics. He and his secretary have both learned TM meditation, because he wanted to have first hand experience. We had set a common goal to establish a group of 500 Sidhas within the organization of the regular firefighters. Major-General Bukovics had delineated the plan on a regular meeting, and asked the regional leaders for cooperation. But unfortunately in the same year he got a new duty, and was commissioned for another position.

Because of this unfortunate turn of events and because of the change of government after the election we could not finish our goal; for paradigm shifting of this kind a four year governmental cycle is just not enough. But thanks to Dr. Andás Veér ministerial commissioner of the Horn-government the TM meditation and TM-Sidhi technique were approved officially as a reliable and effective method, because this letter of acceptance was only signed after a very thorough professional examination. The TM meditation and the TM-Sidhi technique have been introduced in many armies since that time (see the Latin-American soldiers below on the pictures), and there are ongoing negotiations with the Pentagon as well, because the TM meditation technique has been proven effective for treating PSTD (post traumatic stress-disorder), and other diseases related to stress.

Latin-American soldiers practicing TM Meditation as part of their duty
Latin-American soldiers practicing TM Meditation as part of their duty

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